Cement Industry


Saf can meet all enquiries in the cement industry concerning refractories (design, supply, installation and maintenance).

It intervenes in all types of installation, wet or dry or semi-dry process.

  • Rotatry
  • Preheater with grill
  • Preheater cyclone and heat exchangers.
  • Coolers with grills
  • Kiln head
  • Planetary coolers

New building

  • Management of refractory stocks
  • Refractory installation
  • Preheating refractories

Upkeep and maintenance operations

  • Demolition of refractory linings using machines or manually
  • Shot blasting to SA 1.5
  • Steelwork, welding anchors, loadbearing supports, etc…
  • Supply and installation of refractories or installation only
  • Installation of refractory linings in accordance with the technical specification :
    • Bricking of rotary kilns using DAT Kiln Rig or manually
    • Casting concrete (different types of shuttering, rotocast, vacuum, pumping, vibrating, auto-pouring, etc…)
    • Dry process gunning with fibre added or not, dense or insulation concrete
    • Wet process shot creting dense low cement concrete
    • Gunning dry process of low cement concrete
    • Installation of quick drying cementless concrete
    • Installation of insulation bricks and boards


  • Short term ; on demand ; one-offs
  • Long term maintenance

Additional services

  • Endoscopy
  • Monitoring
  • Design and study of brickwor

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Cement Industry