Chemical and petrochemical industries


For many years our specialized teams have been active in these industries.

We intervene on all types of units :

  • Oxyde furnaces
  • Sulphur furnaces
  • Catalytic vessels
  • Calciners
  • Cracking and reformer furnaces.
  • Catcrackers (FCC)

Services carried out on new building or repairs


  • Design engineering, general arrangement and construction drawings
  • >Supervision and coordination of site work
  • Demolition
  • Management and recycling of debris
  • Steelwork, anchor welding, metal framework of furnaces
  • Supply and installation of refractories
  • Drawing up dryout schedules and preheating furnaces to take-over temperature

Installation techniques

  • Ceramic and metal anchors
  • Installation of insulating and dense bricks

Application of insulation and dense concrete

  • Poured / vibrated
  • Gunned
  • Pumped
  • Shot-creting
  • Gun-casting
  • Rammables / mouldables

Type of contract

  • Short term / one-off / on demand
  • Long term maintenance contracts
  • New building and upkeep
  • Scheduled operations or urgent interventions

Additional services

  • Endoscopy : photos or video
  • Execution of fabricated shapes
  • Hot dust extraction
  • Drilling, core drilling
  • Thermal lance operations



Chemical and petrochemical industries