Incineration industry


Saf has genuine knowhow and wide experience and is able to tender for any new building of incinerators. Saf also undertakes the upkeep and maintenance of refractories.

It operates on all types of incinerator :

  • Furnace with grate system and wall ventilation
  • Furnace with multiple stepped hearth
  • Horizontal hearth furnace
  • Furnace with grates and tube screen
  • Static vertical furnace
  • Fluidised bed furnace
  • Rotary furnace
  • Oscillating furnace (rocking)

New building

  • Management of refractory stocks
  • Management of refractory stocks
  • Drying / preheating refractories

Upkeep and maintenance

Interventions on

  • Refractories
  • Steelwork

Installation techniques

  • Bricking
  • Gunning
  • Shot creting
  • Gun casting


  • Short terms, one off, on demand
  • Long term maintenance

Additional services

  • >Endoscopy
  • Monitoring and keeping records
  • Study and design of brickwork

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Incineration industry