Saf started working in refractory construction towards the end of the 1960’s. At that time Saf was one of the two divisions of SAP (Avion Plastics and Refractory Installation Company) which had been founded in 1964 to sell and transform products such as polyethylenes, polypropylenes, etc.

The initial development in refractory installation was based on their knowhow in the construction and repair of coke ovens. For the next 15 years, this sector provided the company’s principal activity and, later, it expanded its refractory operations to all industrial users. SAP with Plastics and Refractory Installation thus started and developed two totally independent activities each with a different technology and different means.

It was decided in 2003 to separate the two activities to ensure their growth and to better serve their customers.

In 2014, Saf opened a new chapter in its history by joigning the LizMontagens Group, which operate in every continents.

Our Partner

  • For installing all type of refractories, both shaped and monolithic.
  • For studying all your projects of whatever nature.
  • For taking over the maintenance of your installations.
  • For supplying refractory materials including fabricated shapes.